In South Carolina, GOP Reps. Nancy Mace and Tom Rice hope to survive Trump’s ‘traveling revenge tour’


Former President Donald Trump made a request of South Carolina voters this week for his 76th birthday, which falls on the same date as the state’s primary elections: deliver him “a beautiful, beautiful birthday present” in the form of two victories he’s had circled on his calendar for some time.

But when the state’s voters choose nominees on June 14, the former president may not get all he wants.

Trump has two goals in mind: the ouster of GOP incumbents Tom Rice and Nancy Mace, two members of Congress who he has deemed insufficiently loyal.

Rice, a self-styled “Chamber of Commerce” Republican who represents the 7th Congressional District in the northeastern part of the state, was one of 10 House Republicans who voted to impeach Trump and has said he has no regrets. Mace, a libertarian-leaning member from the Lowcountry’s 1st Congressional District, rebuked Trump…

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