“If it’s Not Biden, Then Who?”: The President’s Team Girds for a Trump-Saturated 2024 Election Cycle


Joe Biden’s camp was bracing for immediate, intramural political impact. Big midterm losses would have emboldened the Democratic chattering class: Biden has done the country a great service, they’d say, but gosh, it sure is a shame the president will turn 80 years old next November. He should ride off into the sunset and let another Democrat carry the banner into the 2024 election. Thanks, Joe. Here’s your gold watch.

Instead, the Republicans barely claimed a slim House majority, the Democrats held the Senate and flipped key governorships, and Biden is now enjoying a honeymoon. His team expects the love to last all the way through…Thanksgiving. Maybe, at the outer limit, until the Georgia Senate runoff, on December 6. If they’re really, really lucky? Through the beginning of the new year and the convening of the new Congress, on January 3, 2023. After that, they harbor no…

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