Hypocritical CNN Pushes Anti-Democracy Rant


Well this takes the cake. Over there at CNN’s web site, journalist and author Jill Filipovic’s seriously projectionist rant accusing House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy and his fellow Republicans of seeking to “undermine” American democracy when it is “at its most fragile in generations.”


The specific cause of Filipo’s wrath is that in the event the GOP takes back the House in November, McCarthy has promised to treat House Democrats exactly as they have treated the GOP minority under Nancy Pelosi’s dictatorial rule. Filipo’s headline:

Kevin McCarthy’s comment is a warning sign

And what is McCarthy threatening to do?

Following Democrats’ precedent, which entirely broke longstanding House tradition, McCarthy has said a GOP majority could remove Democrats Eric Swalwell, Adam Schiff and Ilhan Omar from their committee assignments. For the majority…

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