Hunter cashes in: President’s son reveals he’s writing SEQUEL to his flop autobiography


Hunter Biden has revealed that he is considering writing a sequel to his autobiography, despite the heavily-promoted book only selling 10,600 copies in its first week.

Biden’s memoir, Beautiful Things, went on sale on April 6, with the 51-year-old paid what some believe could be a $2 million advance.

Despite a media blitz, with appearances on CBS, Jimmy Kimmel, CNN and the BBC, the book was not a hit – ranking 12th in its first week in the non-fiction hardcover list category.

Yet Biden said he was considering a sequel.

Speaking to The Telegraph’s Bryony Gordon, for the Mad World podcast, Biden was asked about how his wife Melissa Cohen, a South African filmmaker, had saved him.

Hunter Biden is pictured with his wife Melissa, a South African film maker

Hunter and Melissa (left), with baby Beau, and Hunter's father Joe Biden on March 26

Hunter and Melissa (left), with baby Beau, and Hunter’s father Joe Biden on March 26

Biden met Cohen in Los Angeles in May…

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