Hundreds visit collard patch in Durham to honor, remember beloved farmer ::


— For over a decade, many people would rush to a collard patch in Durham ahead of Thanksgiving.

The man who started growing the collard, Allen Powell, at 2107 Hamlin Road died last year.

But, due to such a high demand, his son, John Powell, is now carrying on the legacy.

About 4,000 collards were planted this fall. While hundreds of people have visited to purchase the collards, John Powell said picking the green this year had a bigger meaning than ever before.

“My sons, Owen and Charlie, and my wife, Robin, helped me this year plant them,” said Powell.

Thursday marked a calm Thanksgiving day at the collard patch after a very busy few weeks.

“My father passed away Sept. 23, 2020. About a month after, I had to help him put the collards in the ground. So, I…

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