How Piers Corbyn became Britain’s most active antivaxer | News


It was a breach so flagrant it prompted the immediate attention of two staff members.

Last month, Piers Corbyn, the anti-vaccines campaigner and older brother of the former Labour leader, Jeremy, walked into London Bridge Tube station without a face covering and holding a sign that said “masks can’t stop viral transmission”.

For much of the pandemic, Transport for London (TfL) has barred those without masks from travelling. It has also issued fines and prosecuted thousands of people for non-payment. However, the staff did not react negatively to Corbyn’s presence.

Piers Corbyn poses for a selfie with a TFL staff member

One, standing outside his Covid-secure staff cabin, removed his mask and made a joke. Another, maskless and wearing his high-vis orange uniform, chased after Corbyn, 74, and asked for a selfie. “Of course!” said Corbyn,

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