How MAGA Media Dead-Enders Fought for Scraps in Trump’s Wake


Riddled with post-election turmoil along with equal parts unwavering enthusiasm and a megadose of grievances, for some of the most ardently pro-Trump right-wing media stars the year 2021 proved quite eventful.

For many, with President Biden in the White House and Trump in retreat at his Mar-a-Lago golf club, it was a year of vicious infighting as the MAGA movement grappled with a sudden, dramatic shift in power.

It was the year Dominion Voting Systems filed massive, billion-dollar lawsuits against MAGA pundits and media outlets, forcing the biggest names in right-wing media to dial back their deferential coverage of Trump’s unhinged election lies. The result was, in part, a mostly lopsided battle between Fox News, Newsmax, and OAN over who could most cleverly court Trumpworld without veering into legally murky waters. It was also the year that conservative talking heads threatened to…

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