How Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds could become president


Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds insists a life in Washington is not for her. I believed her when she told me this near the shores of Black Hawk Lake in Lake View last year before the governor announced what became a successful reelection bid for Terrace Hill.

At the time, speculation emerged, prior to Sen. Charles Grassley’s formal bid taking shape, that Reynolds may have a carefully guarded case of Potomac Fever, some ambition to join her political ally Sen. Joni Ernst in the Senate.

I put the question to her in June 2021. Would she consider running for the Senate?

“I’m not leaving Iowa,” Reynolds said. “I can say with great confidence I am not leaving Iowa.”

Would she run for the Senate under any condition?

“No,” Reynolds said.

Fair enough. Reynolds has a lock on the governor’s mansion as long as her health holds. Even an overreach on…

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