How every state voted for president over the last 100 years | Latest Headlines


– Number of times Democratic Party candidate won: 6 (24% of all elections)

– Number of times Republican Party candidate won: 19 (76% of all elections)

– Number of times third-party candidate won: 0 (0% of all elections)

Democratic presidential candidates have won the last 13 elections in Utah, a conservative state with the huge presence of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, or Mormons. In 2012, Mitt Romney, a Mormon, beat Barack Obama with 73% of the vote. In 2016, Donald Trump won 45.5% of the vote, compared with 27.5% for Hillary Clinton, but independent candidate Evan McMullin, a Mormon, pulled in more than 21.5% of the vote.

1920-2016 election statistics:

– 1920: Warren G. Harding (Republican, 4 electoral votes)

– 1924: Calvin Coolidge (Republican, 4 electoral votes)

– 1928: Herbert C. Hoover (Republican, 4 electoral votes)

– 1932: Franklin…

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