How East Bay Rep. Eric Swalwell used Twitter to get a grandma’s Christmas gift to her grandson


It started with a tweet on Friday around 1 p.m.

“Does anyone know an Emma and Erick living in a basement apartment in DC? A gift card was sent to them but arrived in my DC mail,” wrote East Bay congressman Eric Swalwell.

“Only return info I have is ‘Grandma.’ I’d like to get it to them!”

Soon, Twitter users kicked into gear — using #OperationGrandma to spread the message, which quickly went viral.

That’s when Erik Olson and Emma Brain — neither of whom are from the East Bay — were tagged by a friend who saw Swalwell’s post.

“He was like, ‘What are the odds?’” Olson said. Olson looked at the post and knew right away the card was for him.

The telltale sign? “My grandma misspelled my name,” he said. Olson spells his name Erik, but his grandmother sometimes writes…

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