House GOP leader Kevin McCarthy says Putin ‘evil’ but Biden ‘weak’


Kevin McCarthy (R-California) is the Minority Leader of the House of Representatives and possible future Speaker of the House if the GOP takes control of the chamber in the November elections. He spoke to The Post recently on a wide range of subjects:

What is your big-picture assessment of the Ukraine crisis? How did we get here?

You don’t get to Ukraine overnight. … [Putin] watched what happened in Afghanistan, President Biden said he would not leave until every American was out. Two weeks later he left and left Americans there. …

You go back to the Obama administration and how he handled Syria, letting Russia get back into the Middle East where they hadn’t been for decades.

Then when [Biden] met with Putin personally and allowed him to have the [Nord Stream 2] pipeline for nothing, [Putin] saw weakness.

This is the 100th year…

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