House GOP huddle to draft policies on biggest issues, but it’s a still work in progress


Republicans see an opportunity to set a governing agenda to contrast with what they say is an increasingly rudderless Democratic-run Washington, but the effort has not yet coalesced.

They are still hammering out the details of what is intended to be a broad-based platform, lawmakers leading the effort told The Washington Times.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy created seven policy task forces back in June to craft that legislative agenda for Republicans to run on in the 2022 midterm elections and to govern on in 2023.

The outlines of the platform so far include: opposing vaccine mandates, curbing the power of tech oligarchs, strengthening the U.S. defense systems to compete with China and reviving get-tough immigration policies.

Six months into the endeavor, what the lawmakers described were more akin to themes and goals than detailed policy proposals.

Mr. McCarthy, California…

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