House Democrats Are Not in Disarray. Mostly.


The upsurge in its influence is partly due to a series of rules and structural changes adopted in late 2020 that, while controversial among some of its members, helped to consolidate the group’s priorities. The goal was to make the caucus a more cohesive unit as it entered a period in which Democrats held both houses of Congress and the White House. Previously, the Progressive Caucus functioned more like a “social club,” said Omar, the caucus whip. “We believed … with the growing number of members who were asking to be part of our caucus, that we could actually have real influence if we were to organize ourselves in a way that made us more productive.” These reforms require members to vote with the Progressive Caucus two-thirds of the time when the group has taken an official position and to attend a specific number of meetings. The two co-chair positions were…

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