Hillary Clinton’s novel about the dangers Trump unleashed isn’t all fiction

Hillary Clinton and “State of Terror,” the new book she wrote with Louise Penny. (Photo illustration: Yahoo News; photos: Monica Schipper/Getty Images, Amazon)

WASHINGTON — Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have both been writing fiction lately. Trump’s fictions come in the form of fantastical statements about last year’s presidential election, which he continues to claim was stolen from him. Clinton’s involvement with the genre has been more straightforward: This week, she and Canadian mystery writer Louise Penny published a thriller, “State of Terror,” in which a female secretary of state, Ellen Adams, must prevent an international crisis that could culminate in nuclear war.

How fictional is this work of fiction? Well, the nation is recovering from the “near-criminal incompetence” of ex-President Eric Dunn, who after leaving the White House has retired to a Florida…

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