Highlights of 2021 | Entertainment


Planet Earth, ecstatic to see the back of 2020, ushered in 2021 with fervour. The creative sector was chanting freedom from lockdown and ready and eager to embrace the staging of live, legal events, and “eat a food”. Unfortunately, that didn’t quite play out according to script, but enough happened to make 2021 memorable, to say the least.

January got off to a rather fiery start with Fantan Mojah upsetting the Rasta world with the sensuous music video for his single, Fire King. Fantan, they said, “nah hol’ nuh order” as he lived out the lyrics of the song on a king-sized bed, almost suffocated by a group of scantily clad females, as he crooned ‘G string a pap like lastic’.

Veteran deejay Lady Ann also started off 2021 with a stunning performance. Lady Ann turned in a performance at Sister Charmaine’s funeral that was the talk of the town for weeks – if…

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