Hicks: SC lawmakers made everyone mad with 1st District gerrymander | Commentary


So, Statehouse Republicans set out to solve a problem that doesn’t actually exist, and taxpayers have to foot the bill.

To paraphrase Nikki Haley: It’s a typical day in South Carolina!

The state recently lost a lawsuit brought by the NAACP for an egregious gerrymander of the 1st Congressional District. The group successfully argued that lawmakers had disenfranchised African American voters because, well, they did.

Honestly, the Republicans sort of disenfranchised a lot of people … including some of their own voters.

But this past week, GOP lawmakers — who’ve been urged to not appeal — said they won’t redraw the district until five U.S. Supreme Court justices order it.

Doubling down on their overreach means that no matter the outcome, this fight…

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