Hicks: Around and ‘round 2023 goes. Where she stops, nobody knows … | Commentary


The year in our rear-view is kind of like an old joke.

A disagreeable curmudgeon dies in a small town, and at his funeral, the preacher asks if anyone would like to offer a eulogy. But, he cautions, if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything.

For a long time, there’s silence. Finally, one man stands and says: “His brother was worse.”

That is to say, 2022 may have been better than 2021 (or 2020), but we should all hope for better still this year. In that spirit, here are some predictions for Charleston, the Lowcountry and South Carolina in 2023.

In January, the Charleston International Airport announces three new airlines will offer daily service here. But two of those are dedicated to picking up refugees of Southwest Airlines … who’ve…

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