Here’s what’s gone ‘right’: Devine


With President Biden celebrating six months in office this week, it may seem as if Jane Fonda was prophetic when she declared last year that “COVID is God’s gift to the left.”  

But never despair. As the dust settles from the pandemic and we grimly survey the gains made by Hanoi Jane’s comrades, it’s time for some good news.

Pride comes before a fall, and the left is way over their skis, too big for their boots, counting their chickens before they’re hatched and about to be shipwrecked by the laughter of the gods, just to mix a few metaphors that add up to one thing.

It’s not going so well for them.

So, let’s count our blessings:

1. Ben & Jerry’s gets a chilly reception after taking sides against Israel in the Mideast conflict.

The Vermont ice cream-maker has long served heaping scoops of choking woke with their overpriced

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