Here’s my annual list of Thanksgiving week irritants


Rather than offer another boring, self-serving Thanksgiving week recitation of things for which I am grateful, in the interest of balance, here is my very abbreviated annual list of irritants.

Restaurants that serve tiny entrees on huge plates. Restaurant menus more than four pages long. People who undertip at Waffle House. People who undertip anywhere.

Brown bananas, candy corn and congealed cranberry sauce. People who use “barbeque” as a verb. Potato chip bags: Why don’t they have Ziplocs on them?

All-beef bologna. People who eat bologna don’t care what’s in it.

The new college football overtime rules, placekickers and stadium music between plays in a football game.

Required minimum distributions from retirement accounts.

People with Russian literature degrees complaining about their $30,000 in student debt. Universities that have facilitated $1.7 trillion in student debt…

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