Henson says the left is all about power – The Advocate-Messenger


Before the 2012 Presidential election, Democratic majority leader Harry Reid said, “Mitt Romney has paid zero taxes last year. I have proof.” When Romney released his tax returns, it turned out he paid millions — the standard amount by someone of his wealth. When asked about it, Harry Reid said, “We won didn’t we?”

This, in a nutshell, is how the left thinks. Where Republicans are interested in seeking truth, to Democrats, truth is inconsequential. It’s all about power. Why is that?

Things that a free people would never accept, such as unconstitutional lockdowns, takeover of healthcare, nationalizing energy production and the control of the airlines, as the Green New Deal would do, can only be forced on the population through power.

National Intelligence Director John Ratclilffe just released newly declassified documents last week of handwritten…

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