Harry Reid was a brawler. He may have helped give us Donald Trump.


One thing about Harry Reid: He was happy to do the dirty work of politics.

The Nevadan, who led Senate Democrats during the Obama administration and died Tuesday at the age of 82, was frank about his brawling proclivities. “I was always willing to do things that others were not willing to do,” he told the New York Times after his retirement. On his passing, many Democrats celebrated Reid’s pugnaciousness, because partisans love to see one of their own taking the fight to the other side.

But there was a downside: Reid may have helped give us the presidency of Donald Trump.

The story starts in 2012, when then-President Barack Obama was running for re-election. His Republican opponent was Mitt Romney, who had made a fortune as a partner at Bain Capital but was declining to release an expansive account of his wealth. Reid stepped forward to charge — without evidence — that Romney had…

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