GUEST VIEW: America must win the energy war

August Pfluger
Nikki Haley

By Rep. August Pfluger and former Ambassador Nikki Haley

America is at risk of losing one of the most important battles of the 21st century — the fight for energy security. China, Russia, and other enemies are weaponizing global energy supplies, with the goal of undermining America and ultimately defeating us. President Biden is letting it happen, so Republicans must take up the mantle of leadership. We must secure our energy future, and with it, our country’s survival.

Our greatest weapon in this battle is America’s boundless natural resources. Energy is the currency of the world and the cornerstone of any high-achieving society. Whoever cannot produce it will always be at the mercy of those who can. Yet President Biden has forgotten this fact, stifling energy production at home while begging other countries to help us out. Our enemies are not…

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