Guest Commentary | CNN, Fox News, and the unraveling of journalism ethics – Santa Cruz Sentinel


By Carl Golden

For years, it’s been black letter law in journalistic ethics: Never use your position, insight or knowledge to aid or advise public figures – particularly politicians – in return for something of value.

It was a bright line to be crossed at significant personal and professional peril.

Over the years the line had been blurred by some in the media who self-rationalize their actions, embracing a delusion their transgressions would escape discovery.

Today, the line is no longer blurry – it’s been erased altogether, expunged by self-aggrandizing journalists blinded to their ethical obligations by their exposure to power centers and taken in by the attention paid to them by those who occupy those centers.

CNN news anchor Chris Cuomo paid with his $6 million a year job for advising his New York Gov. brother, Andrew Cuomo, how to deal with the media over allegations…

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