Guest Columnist Bob Couch: Another viewpoint on climate change


For the past several years we have been bombarded with sound bites that are used to persuade and scare rather than inform, especially with regard to our changing climate. Fortunately, the Gazette has announced it is raising funds to explore the climate change theory more deeply. I hope this means that other viewpoints will be presented.

So far the subject has not been portrayed as controversial because only one side has been offered. Consequently, the public is led to believe otherwise.

There are numerous books available that question some of the assertions that attempt to depict climate change as a “crisis” or “settled science.” Up to now, the media have suppressed reporting contrary evidence, much the same as they failed to report the game-changer Hunter Biden scandal and other news that doesn’t fit their biased stance.

Yet, questions to ask are: Have they taken the time to…

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