GREG GUTFELD: The only thing identity politics creates is victims


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Happy Tuesday, everybody! Oh, we got a great show tonight. Nikki Haley is here with us. You know, she has a new book. The title is, “If You Want Something Done, Ask A Woman.” Ain’t that the truth? Especially when it comes to vacuuming my office, am I right?

GRAPHIC: A sexist would say! 

That’s terrible. Very bad. But in all fairness, a woman did write that joke. Which is proof if you want something done, you got to ask a woman. And she wrote it probably while watching one of her stupid soap operas. 

GRAPHIC: Wow, What another sexist would say. 

I’ll stop Nikki. That just pumped it up a few on Amazon. All right. So have you seen any good movies lately? And I don’t mean the one that went viral of Kilmeade and that alpaca. But if you said no, well that’s your fault. You’re probably racist, sexist or even a homophobe. That’s how

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