Greg Gutfeld: The media has no soul or willingness to look for it


New arrivalYou can now listen to Fox News articles.

So everyone’s breaking news. Do you know what is destroying America? adjective. Yes it’s true. Cruel, rough, sharp, gentle, smooth, slippery words – sounds like Hemer’s hot tub last night.

Anyway, the adjective is bad, it’s also an adjective. So how bad is it? Now, the Washington Post’s old crank, Dana Milbank, has asked for a report counting adjectives in the coverage of our last two presidents. And he realized that Joe was a much more negative target of words than the former president – ​​you remember him: the evil orange monster from the planet Hitler.

White House, CNN claims Washington Post column Biden receives “worse” media coverage than Trump

So what is the evidence? Milbank actually counted the adjectives in the article, comparing what Biden received in the first 11 months of 2021 with Trump in the…

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