GOP Senate candidate won’t back Trump in 2024: ‘I hope he doesn’t run’


The Republican nominee for Senate in Colorado said on “The Ross Kaminsky Show” on Friday that he hopes neither President Biden nor former President Trump runs for president in 2024.

“As far as Trump’s concerned, I hope he doesn’t run,” Joe O’Dea said on the radio program. “I don’t want to see him as president.”

O’Dea continued: “I think a lot of people are ready to move our country forward. So I wouldn’t support him running again.”

The construction company executive sharply criticized Biden as well, calling him “the worst president we’ve ever had.”

“Look, I don’t think Biden should run for president, and he’s senile,” said O’Dea. “We’re done with that.”

O’Dea, who will run against incumbent Sen. Michael Bennet (D) in November, advanced from his primary election on June 28 with a victory against Trump-aligned…

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