GOP members brand Florida Governor Ron DeSantis a ‘paper tiger’ who could ‘screw up or fade’


Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has come in for rare criticism from his fellow Republicans, some of whom have questioned his ability to fight the 2024 election campaign.

DeSantis, widely seen as the GOP’s next president, was slammed over his lack of charisma by Republicans who spoke to Axios.

The Florida governor was also branded a ‘paper tiger’ who some in his party believe could ‘screw-up’ or ‘fade’ away long before the next White House campaign.

They leveled the criticism despite DeSantis’ stunning success in re-taking the Florida governorship last November, which saw him flip the traditional Democrat stronghold of Miami.

Donald Trump – who declared his 2024 intentions last November – is still seen as the man to beat for the GOP nomination. But candidates he backed for the midterms performed poorly, and many Republicans are said to be keen to jettison the divisive former president from…

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