GOP ‘dysfunction’ around McCarthy’s speaker bid could boost DeSantis’ appeal to voters, insiders suggest


Republicans remain in disarray as House leader Kevin McCarthy attempts to persuade a handful of his GOP colleagues to support his bid for speaker, with some political insiders weighing how the intraparty chaos could influence voters who are looking ahead to 2024.

Congress voted for the 13th time on Friday, with McCarthy failing to garner votes from a group of Republican holdouts who are refusing to support his goal of obtaining the speaker’s gavel.

Following the 13th vote, the House voted to adjourn until 10 p.m. ET Friday. Congress is expected to take part in the 14th vote at that time.

All the while McCarthy continues negotiations and talks, the feud among Republicans who oppose his nomination and the vast majority who favor it has some insiders telling Fox News Digital that it could enhance Florida GOP Gov. Ron DeSantis’ appeal should he make a 2024 run for the White…

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