Good News Roundup for the End of 2021: Truth Matters


Let’s make this a true blue new year!

Welcome ☀️ to Friday’s Roundup of Good News!

I end each of my Friday GNRs with these four words: Truth Matters. Love Matters. I also have a section devoted to each, in which I highlight a brave, insistent truth teller, or a soul (not always human) who has shown love far beyond the normal bounds.

This week, when the news gods are a little light, I am highlighting some of my favorite truth stories from the past year. I still have the other sections when there’s something relevant, but this is where I want to finish 2021, with a reminder to all that truth matters. Without truth we cannot function. We honor the truth tellers, who defied others, sometime those they loved, to tell the truth.

Standing up for truth can be a lonely business, but often — not always — those who do are joined by others who value integrity….

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