Giuliani says Trump threatened to blow up Russia’s churches in Putin call


Rudy Giuliani has shared another strange story from his time as Donald Trump’s attorney, telling right-wing network Newsmax that the ex-president once threatened Vladimir Putin with a campaign of church bombings.

Speaking to a panel of hosts, Mr Giuliani defended Mr Trump’s repeated description of Vladimir Putin’s intellect and strategic nous – words that the former president’s allies have distanced themselves from since the reality of the devastating attack on Ukraine became clear.

Mr Giuliani made the remarks on the back of an exposition about how the war in Ukraine would never have happened and how the US would be “energy independent” if only the electorate had not been “defrauded in voting for a lifetime criminal for president” (simultaneously reiterating the lie that the 2020 election was stolen and seeming to imply Joe Biden did in fact win the popular…

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