Ginni Thomas Texted Mark Meadows in Support of Trump’s Attempt to Overturn 2020 Election


Please check your entries. If you had, “Spouse of Supreme Court Justice Cheers Coup Attempt,” you’re a winner. Please pick up your Trump steaks at the cashier’s window and come back to see us again real soon.

From the Washington Post:

The messages – 29 in all – reveal an extraordinary pipeline between Virginia Thomas, who goes by Ginni, and President Donald Trump’s top aide during a period when Trump and his allies were vowing to go to the Supreme Court in an effort to negate the election results. On Nov. 10, after news organizations had projected Joe Biden the winner based on state vote totals, Thomas wrote to Meadows: “Help This Great President stand firm, Mark!!!…You are the leader, with him, who is standing for America’s constitutional governance at the precipice. The majority knows Biden and the Left is attempting the greatest Heist of our History.”


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