Gina Carano’s project after being fired from The Mandalorian


Some months ago, The Mandalorian he was left without one of his most important recurring figures, Cara Dune, after the actress who played her, Gina Carano, had a series of unfortunate comments about the political present in the United States. The actress compared those she considered victims of the country’s less conservative movements with the Jews persecuted by Nazism and her sayings were defined as “borrecibles” by Lucasfilm, who proceeded to fire her.

Since then, the actress has managed to get new jobs. In recent days he added the third job offer accepted for a film. “I don’t think it gets any better than where I am now. I am very excited to be making art “he asserted after closing his deal for his new feature film.

Carano was chosen by the director Robert Davi to be part of My Son Hunter. The film will explore the relationship between Joe Biden and his…

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