Gina Carano is Starring In a Hunter Biden Biopic


Anyone should be able to guess that a lot of people are going to have plenty to say when it comes to the idea of Gina Carano, yes, THAT Gina Carano, is going to be starring in a movie titled My Son Hunter, which is going to be based on Hunter Biden, son of President Joe Biden. It’s an easy bet that a lot of folks will have a great deal to say about the POTUS and his son and the shady dealings that are bound to be depicted in the movie, but the important thing to remember is that it’s a movie, and no matter how true some of it might be, a lot of it will likely be satire and taken in a manner that’s meant to be a little comical and not truly indicative of the individual it’s based on. But then again, people are going to make up their own minds and be convinced of what they want to be, so it’s fair to think that telling them how to think, which isn’t the intention, is…

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