Georgia family says road rage shooting was racially motivated


Jason Daxon seen in a photo posted to a GoFundMe page set up by Angelina Peterson (GoFundMe / Angelina Peterson)

The family of a man shot multiple times at an intersection in Acworth, Georgia believe that the shooting was racially motivated.

Jason Daxon, a 25-year-old Grammy nominated songwriter and Georgia resident was driving in his car on June 30 when, according to Cherokee County sheriff’s deputies, a man named Wade McEwan pulled up next to Mr Daxon’s car and fired at least 14 shots through his driver’s side window.

Mr Daxon was hit twice, in the arm and the back, and has spent much of the last week in surgery. According to local television station WSB-TV 2, doctors believe that it will take Mr Daxon months to fully recover.

Local law enforcement and media initially framed the shooting as an incident of road rage. But alleged footage of the incident, shared on social media, has…

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