Gary Sinise tells how Sept. 11 was a call to service


Actor Gary Sinise has played many roles.

He was astronaut Ken Mattingly in Apollo 13, detective Mac Taylor in CSI: NY and Vietnam War veteran Lt. Dan Taylor in Forrest Gump.

But the role he’s most proud of is that of a real-life philanthropist. Sinise has been helping wounded veterans and first responders for decades and created the Gary Sinise Foundation in 2011.

“I’ve met some inspirational people that have motivated me,” Sinise said. “And if I can give back to them by helping them with their efforts, then that’s a way that I can continue to serve.”

Sinise sat down with Knox News to discuss his upcoming trip to Knoxville for the 2022 Medal of Honor Celebration, his commitment to philanthropy and, of course, his role as Lt. Dan. This conversation has been edited for length and clarity.

Medal of Honor Celebration

Actor and producer Mark Wahlberg, center, received the Bob Hope Award for Excellence in Entertainment for his support of American troops and his positive portrayal of the military at the 2014 Medal of Honor Celebration in Knoxville. He is flanked by actor and former Society award winner Gary Sinise, left, and Medal of Honor recipient Paul Bucha, right.

Knox News: Have you been to Knoxville before? 

Gary Sinise: The last…

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