Fox News personalities reveal New Year’s resolutions for 2022


From Dana Perino to Sean Hannity, Fox News personalities issued their New Year’s resolutions as 2021 comes to a close. 

Each Fox personality gave their own New Year’s greeting to viewers.

Jesse Watters: “Happy New Year’s to you. Let’s raise our glasses. This is a Watters World mug, and toast to one crazy year, 2021. Thank God it’s over!” 

Greg Gutfeld: “Hi, I’m Brian Kilmeade, and I am wishing you a Happy New Year! Yes, I’ve suddenly gotten way better looking!”

Sean Hannity: “Happy New Year’s Eve. So what can we expect for 2022? How about the greatest political comeback and beatdown of Joe Biden, his horrific policies, ever? That’d be an awesome 2022. How about we all resolve to say bye-bye to Nancy, bye-bye to Chuck and get back the House and the Senate, and then set up a Republican victory for 2024? That’s my only wish. I only ask a little thing. That’s all I want. Anyway, Happy New…

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