Fox News Contributor Throws Cold Water on Fox’s Latest Hillary Clinton Fantasy


Viewers tuning into Fox News over the past two days may have come away with the belief that defeated 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is absolutely ramping up a 2024 White House run.

But finally, on Thursday, that reality-free bubble was busted a bit on-air when Fox News contributor Richard Fowler tossed cold water on the fantasy, calling it “ridiculous” and saying it “made no sense.”

Citing a farcical Wall Street Journal op-ed written by two Trump-supporting political operatives urging Clinton to run as a “change candidate,” Fox News has run wild with the fanfic that the ex-secretary of state seeks a political comeback amid President Joe Biden’s sagging poll numbers.

The column itself, as critics noted, is hard to take seriously, largely due to its authors and their motives for writing the piece. Doug Schoen, a former Clinton advisor, currently serves…

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