Fox Business correspondent falsely claims early voting “wasn’t commonplace” before 2020


MARIA BARTIROMO (ANCHOR): Welcome back. Georgia’s new voting bill appears to be sparking progressive outrage — but it’s really about H.R. 1. Now, Texas is also moving to shore up its voting rules, with the left calling it Jim Crow 2.0 — a lie. Some states feel it’s necessary to clarify the rules after an election during a global pandemic that literally changed everything. Jackie DeAngelis with more on this. Jackie, we had an unprecedented election because of an unprecedented pandemic.

JACKIE DEANGELIS (FINANCIAL CORRESPONDENT): That’s right, Maria, and I think that’s the main point here. As a nation, yes, we adjusted to this pandemic, a national crisis as well, we got through the 2020 election, and we did it successfully together.

Now with respect to early voting, pre-2020 it wasn’t commonplace to keep the polls open a week or more before Election Day. The goal…

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