Five Facts to Know About the FBI Director


In two successive revelations delivered on Monday, FBI director James Comey confirmed during a testimony before the House Intelligence Committee that his federal agency is investigating the 2016 Trump campaign’s possible ties to Russia and that there is no proof Obama wiretapped Trump Tower before or after the election.

Comey, who 11 days before the November election called for a re-examination of Hillary Clinton’s email server, was blamed by some Democrats for their nominee’s largely surprise loss to President Donald Trump.

But before being thrust into the spotlight, the 56-year-old and father of five had a long career as a federal prosecutor. Here are some facts about the FBI director.

Who is James Comey?

Growing up in Allendale, N.J., Comey moved to Virginia to study religion and chemistry at the College of William and Mary. As a freshman, he wrote news articles for the school’s…

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