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from the ‘look,-Proctorio-would-just-prefer-they-shut-up’ dept

Remote test-taking spyware company Proctorio has spent months turning itself into an internet villain. It all started when student and security researcher Erik Johnson decided to take a look at the inner workings of Proctorio’s spyware, noting that it tracked everything from eye movement to mouse movement (with plenty in between) in apparent hopes of keeping students from cheating.

For providing this public service, Johnson’s Twitter account was hit with bullshit DMCA takedown requests from Proctorio, which objected to his fair use posting of the extension’s code — code that could easily be examined by anyone who installed the company’s spyware.

Proctorio probably thought it could intimidate Johnson into silence with its bogus DMCA demands. Instead, it poked a bear, leading to it being sued over its DMCA…

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