Fergal O’Keeffe: Bourdain’s way of life celebrated food, travel and cultural exchange


Two of the world’s most influential writers about food and travel were also great friends who died just eighteen months apart in 2016 and 2018.

AA Gill was the virtuoso critic for the Sunday Times who brought the full power of the English language to his articles on travel and food.

I only really appreciated how brilliant and witty his articles were when he passed away and I realised I had been reading restaurant reviews every week for places I would never get to see.

AA Gill once said that nothing about food is rational.

It is not about science or medicine. Our sense of smell and taste that together make our sense of flavour are registered in the oldest part of our brain.

Smell and taste can give you that sense of déjà vu because it is also the place where our memory is stored. Smell and memory are very closely linked in the brain.

Everything we do about food is…

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