FBI May Shut Down Police Use-of-Force Database (VIDEO)


Gretta Goodwin says the FBI’s program may be dissolved permanently — because local police departments are simply not cooperating.

Back in 2016, FBI director James Comey told a room full of law enforcement that the country desperately needed to collect more information on police killings and use of force in order to restore public trust. 

“Americans actually have no idea whether the number of Black people or brown people or white people being shot by police is up, down or sideways over the last three years, five years, 10 years. They have no idea whether Black people or brown people are more likely to be shot during encounters than white people are,” Comey said. 

Now, five years later, the FBI’s effort to collect that data may come to an end without ever releasing a report. 

Gretta Goodwin is the director of Homeland Security and Justice for the Government Accountability Office –…

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