FBI depicts Maine teenager at center of ISIS-inspired martyrdom mission in Chicago plotted over Instagram


Federal prosecutors are offering new details about an alleged terrorist plot involving a Waterville, Maine, teenager arrested a month ago, and two unidentified juveniles in Illinois and Kentucky.A five-page declaration from Maine-based FBI Agent Garret Drew, unsealed Friday, depicts 18-year-old Xavier Pelkey as wanting to die as a martyr in an ISIS-inspired attack allegedly targeting Chicago-area mosques and a synagogue.As new evidence attached to the declaration, the FBI pointed to a hand-painted ISIS flag hanging on the wall of Pelkey’s bedroom in the apartment where agents seized three homemade explosive devices when they arrested him on Feb. 11.Pelkey is currently charged with one count of possession of unregistered destructive devices and is being detained without bail.However, the FBI declaration goes further than the criminal complaint, saying Pelkey “conspired”…

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