Families of 16 killed and injured in Pensacola shooting say in new suit gunman helped by Saudi


The government of Saudi Arabia is being sued by relatives of those killed and injured in the 2019 terror attack on the Naval Air Station in Pensacola, with the families accusing the Saudi authorities of being complicit in the shooting.

Three U.S. service members died in the shooting on the Florida base, and 13 others were wounded.

Ahmed Mohammed al-Shamrani, a second lieutenant in the Royal Saudi Air Force, carried out the attack with the support of ‘accomplices,’ court documents allege.

The suit was filed on Monday in Pensacola. 

Foreign governments and leaders are usually immune from civil suits in U.S. courts while in office. 

However, the lawsuit cited exceptions for terrorism and for victims of Saudi Arabia. 

The families say Shamrani was assisted by fellow Saudi air force trainees, whom he told of his plans at a dinner the night before.

He also informed his colleagues during a…

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