Fact-checking Nikki Haley’s inflation math on July 4 cookout costs


Nikki Haley, President Donald Trump’s ambassador to the United Nations and a possible future Republican presidential candidate, roused passions on Twitter over July 4 weekend when she took a shot at inflation on President Joe Biden’s watch.

A tweet from Haley’s personal account said, “Remember last summer when Biden bragged about a $0.16 savings on your July 4th cookout? Well, this is what you’re spending on this 4th of July.”

The tweet referenced a graphic about Biden’s “inconvenience store” that was attributed to her political action committee, Stand for America. The graphic offered what it said was the one-year increase in prices for six July 4 cookout staples.

The graphic said the price of hot dogs had increased by 15.6%, soda by 13.2%, condiments by 11.9%, ice cream by 9.6%, bread by 8.7% and watermelon by 8.2%.

After these six items, the graphic summed everything…

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