Fact check: Gas prices when Trump left office were much higher than he now claims

In a Fox News interview that aired on Sunday, Trump said, “Look, when I left, gasoline was $1.87. That was a year ago. And now, it’s I guess just hit $7.50 in California, the rest to follow…”
In another Fox News interview that aired on Tuesday, Trump claimed the increase was even bigger: “Gas was at — gasoline, $1.83 or $1.86 when I left, a gallon. And now it’s at $7.70 in California, in different places in California, and it’s heading that way everywhere.”

In the interview that aired on Sunday, Trump said that gas was selling for $1.87 both “when I left” and “a year ago.” In context, the “a year ago” very much seemed to still be referring to prices at the time he left office, which was actually 10 months ago. But for the record, he would have been incorrect even if he was talking about prices a full year prior to the interview’s air date. The national average gas price was $2.113…

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