Facebook permanently bans conservative children’s book company


The Facebook account of Heroes of Liberty, a company that publishes books for children, has been permanently banned. The reason cited was that their posts were considered “low-quality of disruptive content.”

The company publishes books about historical and present-day figures who have done something significant to advance the cause of liberty in the United States and elsewhere. They have published books to date about Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Sowell, Frederic Bastiat, Robert Heinlein, Ron Paul and others.

According to Fox Business, the business page was initially taken down on Dec. 23 2021. The people at Heroes of Liberty instantly appealed the decision. The appeal was denied days later, and the account continues to be disabled up to the present moment.

Bethany Mandel, a board member and editor for the company, told them during an interview on Sunday:

“We began investing in Facebook…

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