Ex-Marine among 4 more suspects from N.J. charged in Capitol riot


Four more suspects from New Jersey have been charged with participating in the Jan. 6, 2021 attack at the U.S. Capitol, federal court documents show.

The suspects, all men, are listed by federal authorities as residents of Essex and Burlington counties, and two were allegedly inside House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office that day.

Another allegedly texted an FBI agent shortly after the attack, saying a Facebook post was about to go live that would identify him as entering the Capitol on Jan. 6 and asked: “Any fallout u think I should be aware of?”

And one suspect was an active duty U.S. Marine until May of 2020.

All were recorded inside the Capitol by security cameras or via social media, and three were identified to the FBI by friends or family members, documents show. None are currently jailed for Capitol allegations; records show they were released on bail.

Lawyers for the four were…

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