‘Everything Is Racist, Especially If You Call It Out


The View host Sunny Hostin has responded to the online critics who have labeled her racist. On Monday’s episode of the show, she defended her decision to “call it like I see it” during the panel discussion about reparations.

Referring to Senator Tommy Tuberville’s remarks at a Trump rally over the weekend, in which he criticized reparations and claimed Democrats “think the people who do crime are owed that,” the entire panel agreed that his rant was racist.

As reported by Decider, Ana Navarro said, “We all know what racism looks like, smells like, and sounds like. And this was racism.”

Hostin said, “the minute you start talking about reparations, people call you a racist,” adding, “I’ve always said, ‘Please, people need to start looking up what the definition of racism is.’”

She continued:

“It’s really a power dynamic. It’s not just about the color of…

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